11 Apr 2019

New Student Leadership Team for 2019-2020

A huge congratulations to our new student leadership team for 2019/2020. This year we have the following leadership teams:

Head Students –  Leader and prominent representative of the student body. Responsible for representing West Island School and leading on school events. Chosen to embody and promote the values of the school. Expected to lead (all parties) fellow Dynasty Leaders, Dynasty Representatives, student and staff in their duties. Organise and chair regular meetings with the student (CAS) leadership team.

CAS Project Team – Support and strengthen relations relating to all things CAS from students to teachers. Provide a forum for the development of the CAS at West Island School and help to build a program that supports the integration of students into the CAS program as they move through the school.  

Dynasty Leaders – Students who are motivated to represent and lead their Dynasty. The power to galvanise their Dynasty and enjoy challenge and competition. Dynasty Leaders will take on the day-to-day management of the Dynasty system. Leaders will be whole school leaders.

Pre-16 Student Leaders –  Pre16 Student Leaders represent all the students in our Pre16 community. Focusing on further developing student voice, Pre16 student induction, Year 6 into Year 7 transition and special projects as directed by the senior leadership team and Director of Learning Pre16.

The student leadership team will design and lead on experiential learning and to ensure that our students at WIS have access access to exceptional learning opportunities. Students who have the desire to change the world, and can see a place for WIS to fit into that through emphasis on achievement, personal fulfillment, service to others and are aware of their responsibilities as global citizens. The leadership team will also work to develop a greater connectedness with local partners and work towards our planets Sustainable Development Goals.