29 Nov 2019

Many Thanks from Cebu Outreach HW Team

Dear Parents,

Cebu Outreach was a Horizons Week activity where students brought donations from school to areas of extreme poverty and taught children subjects such as Science, Maths and English.

Previously, we asked for donations such as clothing, uniform and shoes from the West Island School community. We would like to share our gratitude and great appreciation for the many donations made by the community. We received many different donations, such as shoes, clothing, books, baby toys and even Halloween costumes.

When we were younger, we loved experimenting with our everyday fashion and dressing up for Halloween. It was amazing to see the children have the opportunity to do the same and humbling to see the appreciation of a single item of clothing.

One of the many memories that we made on this trip was seeing the children of all ages beaming at the clothes and items they had received. They were incredibly grateful; just as we are!

Thank you for the contributions you made to the donation drive for Cebu Outreach.

Many thanks,
The Cebu Outreach Team