12 Apr 2019

Looking out for Laos: The 1000 Boot Challenge!

Last weekend saw a team of U16 Laos rugby players arrive in Hong Kong to take part in the Hong Kong All Girls Tournament.

The invitation (sent by HKU Sandy Bay) represented the first chance the girls have ever had to travel abroad, as well as their first chance to play competitive rugby against teams all over Asia.

The girls made a heroic charge all the way to the Bowl Final, before tragically losing out to Guam.

In Laos, opportunities are hard to come by. This video shows the hardships young women face just to enjoy the simple things we take for granted. https://www.facebook.com/892741190798701/videos/1980672252005584

We’d like to help these girls continue their rugby journey and help other girls to begin their own. And we can do that by working together to collect unwanted rugby kit to send to Laos, where girls often have to train barefoot or in flipflops.

We’re setting ourselves the challenge to collect 1000 pairs of rugby boots! Plus sports bras and any other kit you have.

RedBox Storage and DHL are kindly offering to consolidate and send our collections.

You’ll find RedBox Storage boxes in the following locations:

Any RedBox Storage Facility (For the next month) www.redboxstorage.com/location
Oolaa Restaurant, Bridges Street (For the next 7 days)
Hong Kong Football Club (For 10’s and 7’s tournaments)
West Island School (For the next month)

Drop-off any spare playing boots, gum shields, sports bras, body armour, etc. you have, and we’ll send them to those who will cherish and appreciate them.

While our rugby season has ended, rugby in Laos is only just beginning. This is an exciting opportunity for us to help teach young women valuable life skills through our sport, so let’s do our best!