25 Jun 2019

Learning Centre Party to Celebrate End of Year!

Laughter, culinary delights, and celebrations. All elements of a wonderful evening at the Learning Centre Social on Thursday 20 June attended by many students, parents, teachers, wider school staff friends and our previous students of WIS.

It was a time to acknowledge the growth, development and maturity of our students as they have achieved considerable milestones over the year. Our Year 7 students Max Wang and David Meakins started the night by presenting as hosts of the night, showing their excellent skills, welcoming guests and introducing the entertainment and speeches that took place. We would like to say goodbye and thank you to our Year 13 graduate student Alex Wong who gave a heartwarming speech to commemorate his years at West Island School. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

The night was then followed by another wonderful dance off amongst students and staff and a final performance from Anais Scott – Giles who sang ‘Make me feel your love’ by Adele

In addition to the music, the evening sported delicious food, a photo booth and lots of enthusiastic dancing.

Have a great summer everyone!