25 Jun 2019

Learning Center Summer Sports Festival

On Friday 21 June 2019, West Island School organised a Learning Center Summer Sports Festival across ESF and the students from South Island School, Island School, King George V and Discovery Bay International School attended the event. This was an excellent opportunity for our students to build on their social communication skills, problem solving skills and team building skills. It was great to see how our students were able to welcome students from other schools with opening arms and introducing themselves to one another showing compassion and kindness throughout the day.

This year we have added in a new Dance Off event where students showed off their ‘flossy moves” and ”best dance” moves. It was wonderful to see the students dancing with determination and energy whilst following the beat and dancing the to the steps.

To finish of the event we had our annual football match against the other schools. With immense effort and great teamwork and cooperation, West Island school tied with Island School and KGV. Once again the students and staff were all excited as we had crowds cheering them on and even a mini cheer leading session. Many of the students commented on the event being “a wonderful day to meet new people and make new friends” and “I was happy to learn new skills”.

A special thank you to the IN team for coordinating and organising this event.

West Island School team: David Meakins, Vedant Chatlani, Max Wang, Tristan Mitchell, Nim Fitzpatrick, Finlay Clough, Sumer Desi, Darius Wong, Aidan Sim, Aki Lambon, Kirsten Thomas, Riley Wong, Ronald Lau, Nikki Galbraith, Anais Scott Gilies, Joshua Ngalani and Marcus Chan.

Photos from the Sports Festival can be viewed here.