22 Mar 2018

Junior Hockey Match: WIS Vs HYS

On the 20 March 2018 West Island School had a tough match against Heep Yunn school, more commonly known as HYS. We were told that their team was known as unbeatable, so we were a bit afraid and excited to see how good their skills were. In the first half of the game none of the teams were able to score any goals even though both teams had equal opportunities to score. There were many short corners and near goals. It was only during the second half of the game that it was HYS that scored a goal. We were unhappy, but we didn’t let that stop us and continued to give a good fight.

It was because of our determination and teamwork that we finally scored a goal. The score was at 1-1. We kept pushing the ball forward, so we were able to improve our passing skills as sometimes passing was the only thing we could do. I think our midfielders were the ones that had to do the most running as they had to help both the forwards and the defense.

What we did well at passing and intersecting the ball well. If we could improve something it would be to mark the players well because I noticed that the other team stood in front of us in such a way that it was hard for us to get the ball. It gave the opposition more chances of intersection.

By the time there were only a few more minutes left of the match, the supporters were screaming out for our team. The support helped us all a lot because we were reminded that we really had to give it our best for the school!

Overall, I think that we played very well, the victory was amazing and we can’t wait to find out about the playoffs. There are many areas we can improve on that we will practice while getting ready for the playoffs. I’m sure the whole team is extremely pleased with the way we played on Tuesday!

Arshia Sharma