9 Mar 2018

Junior Hockey Match – WIS Vs HKIS (0-0)

This week we had a very intense and eventful match against HKIS, tying 0-0.The match took place at the Hong Kong Football Club after school on Tuesday 6 March. We had about 18 girls there at the match. A few other girls came as well to support us.

As a team I and our fantastic coaches MsCraig and MsCaldwell believe that all girls in Junior Girls Hockey Team played extremely well and wouldn’t even let the opposing team (Hong Kong International School) pass our halfway line!

In this week’s match all of us played well but a few special players must get an important mention. Samantha Welsh was voted “players player” and Lauren and Alessandra were awarded “Coaches Player”. We were more focussed and spread out in the second half and did a good job in staying in the D. Although we didn’t score any goals, our team was well focussed and showed great hustle the whole afternoon. But of course we can’t forgot Jassie who had many awesome aims at the opposing team’s goals, even if they didn’t count!

We could have improved by spreading out more as we were quite close to each other and were sometimes standing in a straight line! Despite not scoring any goals that counted I think that our team did a great job in defending, passing and blocking the opposing teams balls.

Overall this hockey match was a great experience for both players on different teams. I think this match brought our hockey team closer together and we learnt many things. We thanks HKIS for playing with us and sharing their candy and brownies! Also a special thanks to Ms Caldwell and Ms Craig for being such great coaches by guiding and encouraging us ever so often! Big thanks to Coach Patrick for teaching and training us for this match.

Olivia Niemy and Sophie Lau