21 Oct 2019

InterDynasty Rice Race 2019

InterDynasty Rice Race 2019

Feeding Hong Kong

Monday 21 October to Friday 1 November

The rice race is on! It is that time again to collaborate with our community partner; Feeding Hong Kong and help them in this year’s InterDynasty Food Drive 2019.

This year, students from each Dynasty will compete to have the greatest total amount of rice in kilograms donated. The Dynasty with the most amount of rice by the end of the two weeks will be crowned rice race champions 2019. Dynasty points will be added to the overall Inter-Dynasty competition.

Reason for rice : Feeding Hong Kong (FHK) recently have not been donated sufficient amounts of rice from supermarkets and other suppliers. Compared to other surplus foods, rice is scarce and is important for FHK as its a nutritious food that can be made into congees or meals for charities to redistribute. The decision to change our annual food drive into a rice race was made by the people in the FHK charity and hopefully with this event, we are able to fill this shortage and get rice out to the different charities as they help people in need.

This also links to our Sustainable Development Goals; Zero Hunger.

Therefore, we ask that students, parents and our wider community help support us in our drive for rice donations. Please keep us in mind the next time you are in the shopping aisle.

  • Only rice is accepted, no other surplus foods will be accepted.
  • Any brand of rice and in any amount is accepted as a donation.
  • The rice can be left in tutor rooms. The rice can be brought down any day of the week during lunchtimes. Dynasty reps or assigned tutees can bring the rice down to the 3F, B block storage room for the auditorium – at the back of the auditorium. Students part of the FHK CAS activity will be stationed to collect the rice and sort them according to your Dynasty.
  • For noticeable donations by a single person or tutor group, credits will be awarded accordingly (E.g. 3 kg of rice = 1 credit given by tutors) according to tutors. Additionally, Service certificates will be given by the CAS faculty to any students who have gone above and beyond to help the cause.
  • Students can drop off their own rice during lunchtimes to the 3F, B block storage room for the auditorium with their name and tutor group attached.

We are aware that rice can be heavy but even 1 kg of rice can feed a family for several meals. We appreciate any donations and that your actions will be highly beneficial to those in need. Teachers are encouraged to participate too.

Please see Ms Burrows and/or student leaders Amanda Nathan and Chi Chun Chan if you have any questions.