13 Mar 2018

ID Scavenger Hunt 2018

Welcome to WIS’ very first ID Scavenger Hunt!

 Take your marks…Get in the spirit for the Easter Holidays! You (Years 7-11) are all invited to take part in West Island School’s first ever easter-themed Inter-Dynasty Scavenger Hunt! Are you ready to put your problem solving skills to the test?

Get set…

During lunchtime on Wednesday 28 March, your new Dynasty Leaders will be assigned to numerous checkpoints around the school campus. There, you and your team will be asked to answer riddles and complete challenges specific to each of the subjects that you love, with chocolate easter eggs to collect on the way. Whether you’re a scientist, mathematician, artist, historian, athlete, you name it, you’ll play a crucial part in earning your team’s success.

The goal is simple: To collect as many easter eggs as possible for your dynasty (no eating them during the hunt if you want them to count). These eggs will be converted to points for your Dynasty and the winning dynasty will be rewarded a surprise prize.


You may sign up in groups of 4 by Thursday 22nd March. This can be with your friends or even with students in other year groups if you’d like to meet someone new!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to test out your knowledge on all the subjects you enjoy!

See you at the starting line! Sign Up HERE

(Details will be emailed to participants a couple days before the event!)