14 Jan 2020

HK Government Student Grant Scheme – Application Procedure

Dear Parents,

I am writing to follow up on the email you received from ESF last week about the Government’s Student Grant Scheme, which explains that every ESF student is eligible to receive a HK$2,500 grant.

ESF has now come up with an arrangement with the Education Bureau so that ESF parents are able to submit an application for the subsidy. Parents should follow the steps below:

1.      Starting from Monday 20 January, parents can log in to the Gateway where you will find the Student Grant Application Form

2.      Download and print out the form which is already pre-printed with your child’s details and the ESF stamp

3.      Please check that all student details are correct, then complete the rest of the form

4.      Remember to sign, and submit the completed form to the Main Office by Monday 10 February (DO NOT send your completed form to ESF Centre or the Education Bureau)

If you have any enquiries, please contact Ms Roshni Mulchandani at roshni.mulchandani@wis.edu.hk

Thank you,
Mr Chris Sammons

*Should you need any assistance with Gateway, please click here to view the user guide