14 Jun 2019

Head Student Team Update

With the month coming closer to the end of the school year, it only feels like our jobs as Head Students are beginning. We feel particularly lucky to get to know our student body more from having lively conversations with a few students from the Learning Centre. Simply just sitting down and having lunch and a chat with these students has helped us gain an insight into their day to day lives, and we learned some pretty cool stuff along the way. Did you know that some of the Learning Centre students get to go horse riding every Wednesday? If that’s not the coolest thing ever we don’t know what is. We are looking forward to getting to spend more time to finish our conversations and maybe even bringing some fun games to play together.

Additionally, as Head Students, we are most proud and looking forward to establishing our plastic cutlery removal initiative, which will be in effect officially by the beginning of the next school year. Keep an eye on this section for more news on what we’re doing.

I hope these beginnings are the start of an engaging and awesome year for us as Head Students
Thank you.
Amanda, Tai, Tash, Anthony