3 Nov 2017

Guidance for Young People about Adults You Come into Contact With

Dear Parents,

Our community is distinguished through the positive relationships we enjoy with learners and their families. As parents and teachers we encourage young people to be respectful to adults in a position of authority including other family members, teachers, after school tutors and sports coaches. It is important, however, that we remind young people how to keep safe in the company of others. This week, we will be sharing information with students through a booklet called “Guidance for Young People about Adults You Come into Contact With‘.

Please click here to view the booklet

In conjunction with the safeguarding work we do with our young people, all staff at West Island School receive annual training on safeguarding and are able to support any young person who may need this.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, your child’s Head of Year or a member of the West Island School Safeguarding Team detailed in the booklet attached, should you have any questions.

Ms Clare Haworth