4 Jun 2019

ESF Swimming Championships Year 7-10 (2018/19)

The West Island Swim Squad headed to the ESF Swimming Championships (Year 7-10) 2018/19 along with the other ESF schools on 31 May. Many of the WIS swimmers performed well individually and in the relays to put each of the eight teams in contention. The team results are as follows:

Year 7 Girls – Runners Up
Year 7 Boys – First Place
Year 8 Boys – First Place
Year 8 Girls – First Place
Year 9 Girls – Third Place
Year 9 Boys – First Place
Year 10 Girls – Third Place
Year 10 Boys – First Place

WIS Overall Champions

All swimmers made a valued contribution to an impressive outcome, many achieving Personal Bests, which illustrates the importance of training regularly.

Well done to the captains of each team and coach Adrian Ho.

Training with the WIS Swim Squad (of which every WIS student is a member) will continue in June as we build towards competitions in late August, September, October and November. Anyone interested in swim training during July and August should contact adrian.ho@harrywright.com.hk

Richard Lant
WIS Faculty of PHE and Sport