23 May 2018

Coolminds School Speaker Series: Navigating Teen Mental Health Training

Coolminds will be holding the first of its School Speaker Series on Tuesday 5 June at German Swiss International School. It is open to all teachers, parents, school counsellors, and those interested in youth mental health in Hong Kong.

Australia’s Black Dog Institute (BDI) is a world leader and innovator in youth mental health. It is at the forefront of both the research and implementation of initiatives to improve youth mental wellbeing and reduce adverse outcomes for our children and young people. On June 5, two experts from Australia’s Black Dog Institute, Dr Fiona Shand and Jonathan Tennant, will conduct two training sessions on Navigating Teen Mental Health in schools. The training sessions will cover:

  • Promoting youth mental health in school
  • Implementing evidence based suicide prevention strategies
  • Adapting international youth mental health interventions to Hong Kong school systems

This event is the first of the Coolminds School Speaker Series in partnership with the Weez Project and support of the KELY Support Group and Kids4Kids.

*Please note both sessions will be conducted in English only. Subtitled video footage of the event will be available in July.

Please see complete details located here.