9 Oct 2018

Close Encounters with Sharks: Dr Austin Gallagher at WIS

Last week, the Geography Department at WIS hosted a lecture by marine biologist Dr Austin Gallagher as part of the Royal Geographical Society School Outreach Programme. Dr Gallagher is the Chief Scientist and CEO of Beneath the Waves, a non-profit organisation that combines modern technology with crucial ocean and shark conservation work.

Speaking on “Tracking the Secret Lives of Sharks”, he shared some of the illuminating aspects of using modern technology in the conservation of these exceptional predators, to track their movements as well as some exciting stories of his personal encounters with sharks. Dr Gallagher also had stories from the field and inspiring discoveries about these predators, that had the students spellbound!

It was a great session, and students had lots of questions to ask him at the end. Thank you to Dr Gallagher for sharing his valuable insights and experiences with us.