28 Jun 2018

Chinese Students Take Part in Love Letter Project Sharing

Year 10 Chinese students were invited to take part in a Love Letter Project which allowed students to strengthen their Chinese ability.

In their own words, students collective summarised, “This task was more than just a Chinese homework. This task provided insight on a version of myself that I would never have noticed had it not been for reflecting on my past. I now realise that, given the right conditions, I am actually a very cheerful and outgoing person, but I tend not to show it in fear of embarrassment. I am grateful to Ms Wang for giving us this task.

I found project extremely fun as there were many different aspects of the love letter.  The process involved writing, asking friends for messages and taking pictures / decorating.  I also felt that the time restrictions were good as it was just enough time to finish, but no the the extent that it was stressful and took the fun away from working on the project.  If I were to do this project again, I would like write more in my essays, including more detail.  What went will during this project was that I already had a good idea on what I was going to write.  I really enjoyed the process of creating the love letter.  This love letter has helped me improve on my writing skills, developing my vocabulary and knowledge on structure.”

Their works can be viewed below. Well done to everyone!