9 Jan 2018

AFCD Wild Pig Details & Leaflet

Dear Parents,

Please note the below from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.

Wild pigs are very common and widespread in the countryside of Hong Kong. In general, wild pigs are secretive and wary of human contact. Please remind your students to take the following advice when they encounter wild pigs:

  • Keep Calm, stay away and leave the wild pigs undisturbed
  • Do not approach any wild pigs, including piglets
  • Do not attempt to drive the wild pigs away as it is dangerous to provoke them
  • Do not feed wild pigs.

If you need further advice or any educational talk on wild pigs, please feel free to contact me on 2150 6914.

Best regards,
Veronica Leung
Ecological Surveyor 
Wetland and Fauna Conservation Division 
Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department