3 Nov 2017

WIS at HK Harbour Race

It was a lovely Sunday morning for a swim in the HK harbour, the water was nice and cool and still. We arrived at the TST clock tower around 7am in the morning for registration and at 8:30am, we were directed to Victoria Harbour to begin the race. After one failed start, we all got called back to the line and the race finally began.

We began the race strong, swimming up front with the first pack, jostling one another for the best place. By halfway, the pack had spread out, leaving us with very little help through the water. I swam next to another swimmer, and after a quick dispute, pulled in front for the final 200m stretch.

The water became choppy towards HK Island side, forcing us to make a final push for the finish line. The finish board drew closer and closer until finally, I was under it, touching in close to the front of the heat. I met Ernest after the finish to find that our team of 2 had finished in 3rd place.

After much waiting, we were presented with our prize to take home for West Island. A big thanks goes to Ernest Wong and Anjali Khemlyani for participating in the race for West Island.

Huge thank you to Mr Lant for registering us.

Aaron Khemlyani