8 Mar 2019

9th International Student Leadership Conference: EnvironMara

1st-5th July at Renaissance College, HK

EnvironMara is a “cross-age, inter-disciplinary, international, five-day summer program committed to the development of youth leadership, collaborative problem solving and student voice.”
Students in Year 8 – 12 are eligible to apply.

Features of the program include:

  • A case study centred on the Masaai Mara people and the development of the Kanok- Sengekeki Gate Road
  • Collaborative and cross-curricular problem solving considering environmental preservation, economic development and socio-cultural balance in the region
  • Student-led, research-based proposal addressing subject disciplines including ethics, engineering, human rights, environmental law, cultural studies, geography and zoology which will be delivered to a panel of independent judges.
  • Guest speakers from a variety of backgrounds bringing their professional expertise to bear on the complexity of leadership using a range of leadership models and frameworks.

Each student delegate pays a registration fee of USD $ 600. The cost of registration covers:

  • Morning tea and lunch for all five conference days
  • The Orientation Booklet, ISLC nametags, certificates and all handouts
  • Guest speakers and instructional sessions
  • The use of the conference venue including conference room, computer rooms, classrooms, and eating area.

50% of all proceeds from the conference are donated to an orphanage located in Delhi, India under the umbrella of the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA). 15% of the delegates come from disadvantaged local schools in Hong Kong and attend for free as part of our educational contribution to underprivileged youth of Hong Kong. Students are selected by The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education.

For further details please refer to our website, www.giftedleadership.net. Select 2019 Hong Kong Conference, then Registration, complete the Registration Form and email to joel@giftedleadership.net

Please see Ms Kitson-Evans if you have any questions.