7 Nov 2019

2019 – 2020 MTR Student Travel Scheme

Application forms have been readily available in the main office since 1 September 2019 until the next academic year (in the drawers underneath the trophy cabinet).

After completing the forms, you can get the form endorsed with the school stamp at the Reception before submitting to MTR customer services. An online application service is also provided on the MTR website: http://www.mtr.com.hk/en/customer/tickets/student_travel_scheme.html#

An adult fare must be paid by any student aged 12 or above when travelling on the MTR without 1) using a Personalised Octopus with valid “Student Status”, or 2) using a Temporary Student Octopus with a receipt/proof issued by the MTR. The “Student status” encoded on a Personalised Octopus is valid for MTR travel only.
Please note as mentioned in the FAQ’s here, that the “Student Status” is valid for a period of 1- 3 years. When the validity of your “Student Status” expires, you should apply for Renewal. You can check the validity of the “Student Status” encoded on your Personalised Octopus at any MTR Customer Service Centre or through any Octopus Enquiry Processor at MTR stations. Normally, a renewal will need to be made when a student is in Year 10, and then in Year 13.
Please note:

1. Applications are for a) Personalised Octopus card with “student status” or b) Activation/renewal of “student status” on a Personalised Octopus card.

2. The application fee for students who do not possess a Personalised Octopus card (with their name and photo printed) is HK$90. First time applicants will be offered a rebate of $20 (in the form of usable value encoded on the processed card).

3. The “student status” is valid for MTR travel only. Users of Personalised Octopus card with “student status” (including aged 12 or under) are reminded when they travel on any non-MTR transport they are liable to individual terms and conditions of the respective transport provider and may be charged full adult fare even though they are aged 12 or under.

4. Concessionary Single Journey Tickets are invalid for students aged 12 or above. Students may only use Personalised Octopus with “Student Status” if they wish to benefit from the concessionary fares in the MTR network. (Airport Express, East Rail Line First Class, or MTR Feeder bus and Lo Wu, Lok Ma Chau are not included)

For any enquiries, the MTR hotline is 2881 8888 (Mon-Fri: 8.30-6pm, Sat: 8.30-1pm)

Please click here to view and download the MTR Student Scheme application.