15 May 2018

2018 ID Coin Challenge – The Results

West Island School celebrated their first ever ‘Domestic Helper Day’ on Monday 14 May 2018,  where we collaborated to acknowledge, celebrate and say thank you to the work the domestic helpers do, along with educating our students on Migrant Workers in Hong Kong.

This year we responded to the desperate need of one of of newest community partners and Tang’s Dynasty charity; Bethune House. The Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge is a registered charitable institution under the companies ordinance in Hong Kong. It was established in 1986 under the Mission for Migrant Workers to provide charitable assistance and social counseling to the needy migrant workers and their families. Bethune House has recently lost a huge sponsor, and with that, find themselves in a devastating financial crisis as of May 2018.  

Tutor Groups worked hard to source HKD loose change over the last few weeks. The event culminated with each tutor group trying to lay as many coins as a tutor team as they could in their Dynasty stamp area, in the given time.

The Han Dynasty were this year’s winners and crowned the ID Coin Challenge champions of 2018. This year’s results were as follows: 

Inter-Dynasty Coin Challenge Total Coin Value
Han 4744.9
Ming 3516.1
Qing 3411.5
Song 2295.3
Tang 4512.2
Yuan 3619.7
TOTAL 22099.7

In the space of one hour, a total of 22,099.70 HKD was raised in total from loose change that is often sitting in your home, in the bottom of your bag or in the pockets of your clothes. Well done to all of our students and staff who worked so hard to make a huge difference to the lives of Domestic helpers here in Hong Kong.

Photos from the ID Coin Challenge can be viewed here. Video is below.

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards,
Mr Madden