16 May 2017

Qing & Song Day and WIS Bake Off

WIS students show their Dynasty spirit once again…

Friday 12 May marked the last Dynasty Day of the academic year, celebrating both Qing and Song Dynasties in a crazy burst of orange and yellow. The student leadership team asked the school to “#QingaSong”, in honour of the music, art and dance-themed activities that took place during lunchtime. In addition to the heightened Dynasty spirit and enthusiasm throughout the school, the key focus of the celebration was to raise money for two of West Island School’s closest charities; Society for the Relief of Disabled Children (SRDC) and Kowloon Street Sleepers (Feeding HK).

In total, the student Dynasty leadership team worked together with the school community to raise close to 17,000 HKD. This money is a combined total of the sales made at the numerous stalls during the lunchtime celebrations and the money students brought in that morning so that they could wear their Dynasty themed clothing for the day.

Well done to all entrants for the final WIS Bake Off 2017.  The bakes were again of an incredible standard, with a beautiful range of cupcakes and biscuit based bakes.  Homer Simpson featured, as well an array of orange and yellow interpretations (Qing and Song being the theme).

Mr Madden and I had the difficult decision of awarding the final top three placings.  Following an hour of full on taste sensations and sugar rushes, we finally agreed on the following awards:

The most original bake: Lia Gower
The most classic bake: Ruby Davis
The most creative bake: Alicia Tran
The most beautifully formed and vibrant bake: Izzy Mellor
The most beautifully presented bake: Aryan Chadha and Charlotte Wilson
The most original toppings: Felicia Hung and Jack Field
The most sweetest bake: Sophia Jeffery
The most creamy bake: Poppy Hughes and Emilie de Chazal
The happiest looking bake: Olivia Niemy and Greta McMahon
The loveliest sponge: Alessandra Sung
The most un – Qing and Song like bake, but still very tasty: Floris Smulders

Overall winners based on presentation, adherence to the theme, originality and ultimately taste goes to:

3rd Place: Smita Ganesh
2nd Place: Ella Brown

And the winner of West Island’s Final Bake Off Competition and a student who has supported every baking and cooking event this year: Coleman Chiu.

Well done to all entrants.  You are all winners in your own right.  You have all contributed to the fundraising efforts for our school charities.  Stand proud, keep baking and until next year!
At West Island School, we strive to remember our “5 C’s”, one of them being “Compassion”. Organising a day where we can simultaneously reinforce the importance of Dynasty spirit while raising money for service committees that need it, demonstrates our devotion to our school’s values. We are all delighted by this fantastic turnout in both funds raised and whole-school participation and enjoyment!
Mr Madden & Mrs Craig

Photos from the day can be viewed on our Facebook page and on our Google Plus page.