21 Apr 2017

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents, Staff, Students and Friends of WIS,

It has been great to see all of the students return after Easter break. Congratulations to so many who took part in the Rugby Sevens and representing your clubs and families to such a high level of sporting excellence.

Wednesday ended with a tribute to the many sporting achievements amongst our student body. The prizes, records set and near misses are too many to mention, but the power of sport in our children’s lives is clear. Ed Hayes talked about not living with regret and understanding the success that a career in the sport industry can bring to the mind, body and pocket. Geoffrey Cheah shared his learning after having winning medals at the Olympics and whilst he can’t remember times or records, he can recall every step of the self-improvement journey. It was equally inspiring and uplifting to hear from Scott Bruce and his journey to excellence. He has learned the importance of goal setting, commitment to training, reflection and facing challenge. Scott stole the show and I commend him for his maturity and wisdom as a Year 9 student.

The Year 11 and Year 13 Class of 2017 have graduated with full honours in front of their teachers, peers and parents.

During the Year 11 ceremony we heard from students who recalled the many landmarks that they have been through including Year 7 camp, Year 9 Personal Project, numerous sporting events, galas and theatre productions. Kind appreciation was shown to teachers for being there as professional educators, as critical friends and carers. Teaching is a noble profession and I commend each and every member of West Island Staff to our community.

Thanks was also shown at the Year 13 Graduation and I am grateful to David Ketchum for an uplifting talk about the story of our lives past, present and future. It was rounded off nicely by the words of our students who talked about the dots in your lives joining up. Looking back you can easily link the dots, looking forward you just have to have faith, follow your heart and trust in the good things that happen to us all. WIS students, your futures are bright.

Whilst a number of parents also deserve medals for attending three events in a row this week, and for a number of you with your last child leaving us, your job is still not complete. I would like to invite you all to return on Friday 2 June for our 25th Anniversary Gala on the 3rd floor outdoor deck area. We have invested time, donations and care into making this a low cost and high fun event. I am also happy to welcome Jane Foxcroft, who will be returning to celebrate with us. Tickets are now on sale for staff, parents and alumni to attend, (we will celebrate with students separately). I hope to see you there.

What a wonderful way to spend our time in celebration.

Counting our blessings,
Chris Sammons