Release of IB results

17th June 2011

Release of IB results




Dear Students and Parents,

Please see the information below regarding release of IB results. Please use your Pin number to access the results.

Please note 12.00GMT i2 8pm Hong Kong time.


Rob Stitch

Vice Principal

IB Coordinator



    May 2011 release of results to candidates

    Posted on 14 Jun 2011

May 2011 results are released to candidates in staggered 15 minute intervals from 1200 hours (GMT) on 6 July. In previous sessions the intervals have been ordered by school code. From this session onwards, the intervals will be ordered by the time zone of the location of the school. The time which a candidate can access their results will now be exactly 24 hours after the time the results are made available to the coordinator of their school on 5 July.

We understand that coordinators may have provided candidates with Individual PIN reports prior to the change which may display the previous incorrect release time. However, when a candidate accesses on 6 July they will immediately see the updated time. Coordinators can also advise candidates to access prior to 6 July in order to view the updated time.

Candidates access the website using their personal code and the personal identification number (PIN) provided by the coordinator. Coordinators obtain PINs from the Candidate Results Reports sub option of the Candidate Results option within the Candidate tab and can issue them to candidates at their own discretion. If using the Individual PIN report please ensure that you generate a new report to ensure that the updated times are being displayed.








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