Mission, Aims and Values

Vision: For every student to be the best they can be

Mission: Exceptional learning opportunities that emphasise achievement, personal fulfilment, service to others, learning skills and responsible global citizenship

Values: West Island School expects students, alumni, parents and staff to share and be guided by our core values:


being responsible for ourselves and others through service and action


uniting people for peace, friendship and a sustainable future


acting with empathy and kindness towards others


accepting and understanding others to avoid prejudice and intolerance


reaching beyond our comfort zone

Aims: At West Island School, our learners are inspired and motivated to:

Take ownership of their own learning

Collaborate in authentic, inquiry led learning experiences that are personally meaningful

Master learning through a sustained process that asks us to produce, review, evaluate and refine

Embrace challenge and support for all aspects of learning: physical, social, emotional and cognitive

Grow determination and resilience by reflecting on individual challenges and character strengths

Experience a broad and flexible curriculum that can be personalised to individual interests, talents and abilities

Capitalise on the differences in our community creating strength from diversity

Engage in inter-cultural learning with global partners experiencing other languages, countries and cultures

Embrace a diverse range of experiences beyond the classroom