Mission, Aims and Values

Strength from Diversity: inspiring students to become responsible global citizens

Our Mission
We seek to encourage individuality; foster respect for difference and value learning from others within an international community school.
We strive to inspire and support all students in achieving their individual potential for a successful life as responsible global citizens.

To promote excellence and enjoyment in teaching and learning
To motivate through high expectations of personal initiative and individual achievement
To challenge in academic, sporting and creative endeavour
To provide an inclusive, balanced and culturally diverse curriculum which is centred on the attributes of the WIS learner profile
To encourage the ethical, emotional and physical development of each individual
To provide a safe, supportive and happy environment
To commit to holistic education in providing a diverse range of meaningful opportunities beyond the classroom
To develop lifelong learners who approach the world with confidence and curiosity

Community:        Collaboration, team work and unity of purpose
Compassion:      Service and action at school, locally and globally
Consideration:   Honesty, tolerance and respect for others
Commitment:     Recognition of our place and responsibilities within the communities in which we live
Courage:              To challenge ourselves as individuals and as a community