18 Apr 2017

ESF Information Seminars on 16 & 22 May 2017

ESF will host two Information Seminars in May. Details are below.

  1. An education worth having at the kindergarten and primary stages
    Speakers: Rebecca Clements, Chris Coyle and Julie Wong
    Date: Tuesday 16 May 2017
    Time: 6pm – 7pm
    Venue: ESF Centre
  1. How personalised learning in ESF secondary schools paves the way to success
    Speakers: David Whalley, Kirsty De Wilde and Julie Wong
    Date: Monday 22 May 2017
    Time: 6pm – 7pm
    Venue: ESF Centre

The objectives of the seminars are to help prospective parents gain a deeper understanding on the philosophy of ESF education and the curriculum we offer so that they can make the right choice for their child.

Interested parents should go to: www.esf.edu.hk/seminars-may2017/ for more information and registration.