29 Jun 2017

Circle in the water presents: Obsessions with Alice

The students of the performance storytelling CAS have been working incredibly hard to put together an original piece of promenade theatre: Obsessions with Alice.

Obsessions with Alice is an original play based on different characters from Alice in Wonderland sharing the different emotions they felt towards Alice. The story takes the viewer on a journey from happiness to crazy, anger to love and joy to sadness as each character takes you through their weird and wonderful minds.

Students looked at different ways in which they could tell their stories through the use of projection, physical theatre and lighting in order to add further depth in their storytelling techniques and in doing so they created a real dynamic piece of theatre.

Congratulations to the following students who participated, created and performed in Obsessions with Alice:

Sela Caldwell
Carys Caldwell
Celeste Dechy
Jasmine Serje
Joeseph Suen
Theo Mag
Vikarn Rajora
James Darton
Ceri Ryder
Nikki Galbraith
Sophie Bruno

Your creativity is endless, your creativity is inspirational and your creativity is dynamic, well done for putting together a show and performing three times in the last week of school.

Ms Chaukria

More photos from Obsessions with Alice can be viewed here.